Research & Development Innovation

With a consultative approach to research and development, our experienced chemists will ensure your formulation fits your product requirements. We apply the latest innovations in cosmetic chemistry and our knowledge of current trends to arrive at a result you’ll be proud to call your own.

25+ Years of Formulation Experience

Your formulation is a blend of ingredients that are reflective of your brand. Similarly, what makes Bell International Laboratories unique is our blend of ingredients: globally-diverse and experienced cosmetic chemists, a passion for cutting-edge technology and innovation, and a commitment to providing the highest quality products.

We’ve succeeded in satisfying partners with our formulas for more than 25 years, and we’re only growing and expanding to serve even more brands.


We are a leader in sunscreen formulation, including mineral UV filters such as Zinc Oxide. With 25+ years of expertise and a collection of original platforms, we’ve established the industry standard for SPF formulations. With capabilities in mineral and chemical lotions, sprays, sticks, and more, we are able to provide you with the premium SPF products that exceed the expectations of the modern consumer.


We specialize in all aspects of skin care formulation and development. With industry knowledge on specialty ingredients, we can formulate effective skin care products to help target any specific skin concern. Our R&D team is versed at formulating skin care for all price points, from mass and masstige to luxury and premium skin care. Our facility and experienced scientists produce highly refined and effective luxury products for leading brands around the world.


We are a one-stop contract manufacturer for your personal care product development. Our R&D team is well versed in the chemistries of all personal hygiene products such as soaps and deodorants, body washes and lotions, and hair care products. From shaving preparations to baby care, we are capable of formulating a diverse range of textures and products to suit any skin type.



With our in-house analytical laboratory, Bell International Laboratories is your resource for OTC and Consumer Health products. With proficiencies in all monographed OTC ingredients, we develop hand sanitizers, acne products, SPF, antiperspirants, and more. We were essential during COVID-19 in supplying the market with safe and effective hand sanitizers. In this contemporary world, we recognize the importance of consumer health and continue to expand our portfolio with HI&I products and more.


As one of the industry’s pioneers of the green and clean beauty movement, our knowledge and experience formulating with clean ingredients is tough to rival. We are extremely competent with formulating within the standards set forth by organizations such as ECOCERT/COSMOS, Credo, Target Clean, Ulta, Sephora Clean, and Whole Foods, and more. We are up to the challenge and value the clean beauty movement.



We are first and foremost a research and development laboratory. With this mindset, partners benefit from the technological innovations we have made in areas such as analysis, formulation, manufacturing, and filling/packaging. We are constantly innovating and staying ahead of industry trends. Our in-house developed technologies include microbiome friendly products, anti-itch, and sanitizing formulations.