Product Development & Regulatory

Experience complete product development guidance and support from concept to shelf with Bell International Laboratories. Our project coordinators and regulatory specialists ensure your final product is of the highest quality and compliant with all domestic and international regulations.


Developing and Bringing Your Formula to Life

We specialize in building fully custom formulations in-house, but can also work with partners who come to the table with an existing formula. Additionally, each of our OTC library formulas is fully tested and ready to go.

Our project coordinators will work hand-in-hand as a liaison between you and our R&D team during development to ensure your final product exceeds your expectations. Your dedicated representative coordinates everything between you and our operations to make sure no detail is overlooked, providing a smooth production process.

Supportive Regulatory Specialists to Ensure Compliance

Our regulatory specialists will ensure your product is compliant and meets all necessary standards. We have experience supporting brands in achieving both domestic and international regulatory compliance for their products as requested.


Our experts will take your idea, apply cutting-edge science, and reach a final product that you’ll be proud to take to market. And because we are vertically integrated, we can truly handle the process from end to end. While we are certainly a science-based company, we also love the creative process. Brands often consult with us on ideas for new product lines or how to evolve an existing product.


We are fully equipped to handle all phases of product development and procurement, leading to cost savings and better turnarounds. We are experts in supply chain management and can source everything you need to bring your product to market, from packaging and labels to cartons and more.


Our scientists and our manufacturing and operations teams work with you to translate your provided formula and procedures to our facility’s capabilities. We will confirm that your product is replicated to fit your specifications and standards.


Throughout our 25+ years of business, we’ve built a catalog of high-quality OTC platforms that are tested and available for partners with quick timelines. As a specialist in SPF formulations, our library contains advanced mineral formulations, eliminating the need for expensive SPF testing.


Our quality control and regulatory team ensures compliance with applicable domestic and international regulations as necessary. Plus, we compile and prepare all documentation to support registrations and provide assistance if needed. We also provide clear advice on remaining compliant.


From the inception of project development, we provide necessary documentation as requested to support claims such as vegan, cruelty-free, RSPO, etc.